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Highlights of the CryServ-Client 2.0

◇ Additional FPS and Vehicle Weapons, Heavy Machine Guns, colored LAM's and other Items
◇ Optional, bug fixed Third-Person Mode with freely adjustable distance
◇ Reconnect-System with Position-Recovery in the event of a game crash
◇ Support for server-side Resource Packs for additional content
◇ Extensive UI expansions and improvements
◇ More than 800 fixed game bugs and numerous improvements, as well as additional features
◇ Unlike the standard version of Crysis Wars, revised and full controller support
◇ Support for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, all common Linux distributions, the Steam Deck, etc.

Standard Installation

First of all you need to install the game itself, the official Crysis Wars - Trial Version is sufficient for this, alternatively you can use the DVD Version. It is important to choose "English", "German" or "Russian" as game language, because the Client currently supports only these three languages.

Secondly, the game must be updated to the latest version with the Crysis Wars - Patch5. And don't get confused here, the patch was officially named "Patch5".

Thirdly, the Crysis Wars - CryServ Client required for CryServ must be installed.

Note: If DirectX 9 is not yet installed on your system to use the recommended DirectX 9 version of the game ( is usually installed with the game ), this must be installed additionally!

Steam / Steam Deck Installation

First of all, after Crysis Wars has been installed in Steam, the folder "Bin32" in the directory "..\Steam\steamapps\common\Crysis Wars" must be renamed to "_Bin32" and then the "Bin64" folder must be renamed to "Bin32".

Secondly, the file "Crysis.exe" in the folder "..\Steam\steamapps\common\Crysis Wars\Bin32" should be renamed to "_Crysis.exe" to avoid overwriting it.

Thirdly, all files located in the "Crysis Wars" directory in the Steam Version of the "Crysis Wars - CryServ Client" must be unpacked into the "..\Steam\steamapps\common\Crysis Wars" directory.

Finally, the Launch Options "-dx9 -mod CryServ-Client" for the CryServ-Client must be entered in the Crysis Wars properties in Steam. In addition, "English", "German" or "Russian" must be selected as the game language, as the client currently only supports these three languages.

Note: If DirectX 9 is not yet installed on your system to use the recommended DirectX 9 version of the game ( is actually installed during the installation by Steam ), this must be installed additionally!

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